Something worth noting

Reading my old blog posts, and it downed on me how far I have gone. I always belittle myself for the petty achievements I have accumulated after such a long time, but I realize that I am no longer that pathetic little girl who always expected, by some miracles, somebody would come and rub her hair and tell her “Hey you have been doing okay. Everything will be fine”. I have stopped that ridiculous expectation. I have learnt to accept that I’m the only one who can give it to myself. And that, itself, is a great achievement I should really be proud of. I might have lost something along the way, something so trivial that I can’t event make a name out of it. And that is okay, totally. There is only the way forward. Trying to find something useful in the past is the most useless thing you can do and it proves that your life is so poor you really need to get a life.


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